Water Infrastructure & Hydroelectric Power

Leaders in the engineering, development and management of Hydroelectricity projects

Fingleton White has developed and refurbished a number of water schemes and is a key player in the design and project management of water intakes, major water pipelines, SCADA systems and the assessment of hydrometric data.

We have developed a reputation for excellence through our projects on Gas Pipeline design and project management. We have been the design project lead on several large scale assets management projects including Ireland’s industrial commercial meter replacement project and AGI upgrades for a number of gas utility companies.

We carry out extensive R&D around the operation of Hydroelectric stations and District heating schemes.

Services include:

  • Route design
  • Planning & statutory approvals
  • Construction tender documents preparation
  • Mechanical design
  • Evaluation of construction tenders
  • Wayleave preparation
  • Health & safety
  • Construction management

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