Gas Networks

Full range of design, construction and commissioning services for natural gas networks.

Gas Networks

Fingleton White is the leading gas networks consultancy in Ireland and the UK

Fingleton White provide a full range of design, construction and commissioning services to natural gas transmission operators, distribution systems operators and large industrial energy users in Ireland and the UK. As specialists in gas pipeline engineering, Fingleton White has played a major role in the modernisation, refurbishment and upgrade of natural gas infrastructure throughout Ireland. To date, Fingleton White has successfully completed a 16,000MW gas station, 450 kms of gas pipe networks and hundreds of AGI’s throughout Ireland and the UK.

The company carries out extensive R&D in the use of compressed natural gas as a virtual pipeline and as a future fuel for vehicles.

Services include:

  • Conceptual design
  • AGI design
  • Pipeline design
  • Route selection & wayleaves
  • Health & safety
  • Cost management
  • Material tendering & procurement
  • Construction tender document preparation
  • Evaluation of construction tenders
  • Welding inspection
  • Construction management
  • IGE/GL/5 & G17 Design approvals / appraisal service

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