Provider of R&D, feasibility studies and innovative technologies in the biomass and renewable energy sector.

Renewable Energy

Fingleton White has been pioneering the development of renewable energy in Ireland and the UK for more than 25 years.

Fingleton White is the leading provider of engineers and project managers to the energy sector in Ireland and the UK. The company is a key player in the development of power generation and oil and gas infrastructure.

Fingleton White have successfully completed numerous biogas, biomass, hydroelectric, wind and waste-to-energy projects. The company carries out extensive R&D in the areas of biomass, hydro, district heating and domestic CHP.

Fingleton White heralded the liberalisation of the electricity market as Ireland’s first independent renewable electricity generator.

Renewable Energy Services Provided by Fingleton White

Hydroelectric Power 
Fingleton White is Ireland’s premier hydroelectricity engineering consultancy and has been involved in the development of 15 hydro schemes in Ireland and abroad.

At Munster Joinery, Fingleton White has designed a waste wood chip CHP facility with class-leading efficiency.

Fingleton White has completed projects in the recovery and utilisation of biogas from landfill and animal waste for the purposes of heating and electricity generation.

Fingleton White’s engineers have examined the economic and technical aspects of biofuel production and are currently putting measures in place develop this area with clients.

Services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Outline design
  • Detailed engineering
  • Commercial close
  • Planning, regulatory & environmental compliance

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