In October 2001, Guinness UDV (UK) replaced the oil-fired power station at Park Royal, London with two new dual-fuel steam boilers. Fingleton White were selected as Design and Project Managers for the project.

The existing Guinness power station consisted of 4 no. boilers, fired on either Gas Oil or Recovered (waste) Oil.

The boilers were converted coal-fired boilers, and had reached the end of their commercial life cycle, with only three of the boilers operational in 2001.
The project scope included boilerhouse installation, natural gas pipeline planning and installation, fuel oil storage and pumping, steam pressure reduction, and live integration into the existing water and steam systems at the site.

The completed installation consists of two Wellman Robey European 12 tonnes/hr steam boilers, two Gestra pressure reduction valves, and associated water and fuel supply equipment. The normal fuel supply is natural gas, with gas oil backup, and also includes a facility for burning biogas mixtures in the natural gas stream.

The existing boiler house Reverse water supply system is used along with the existing brick chimney stacks.

Due to environmental and legislative restrictions in the greater London area, the project was a fast-track intallation. The design-to-commissioning duration was just 3 months, with a commissioning date of 1st October 2001.