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Hydroelectric Power Station in Co. Donegal, Ireland

Edergole Hydroelectric Power Station in Co. Donegal was developed by Fingleton White. Utilising a Vertical Pelton Wheel turbine with a gross head of 188m, this 650kW generator has been feeding electricity into the Irish electricity grid since 1990. This project is a “high head” project. The gross head is 188m. The intake incorporates a self cleaning trash [...]

Wind Power Installation Munster Joinery Ballydesmond, Co. Cork, Ireland.

As part of the ongoing engineering and environmental consultancy agreement with Munster Joinery, Fingleton White were appointed to oversee the technical and commercial integration of 2 X 2 MW wind turbines into the existing Ballydesmond manufacturing and onsite generation infrastructure. The Fingleton White site team was designated to liaise with, and represent the interests of the manufacturing [...]

Hydroelectric Power Station Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Dublin City Council awarded the project management of a small hydro project to Fingleton White in December 2003. The project is located at the Vartry Water Treatment works in Roundwood, Co. Wicklow. Due to the elevation difference between the Lower Vartry Reservoir and the waterworks, a water turbine was installed to recover some of the energy that [...]

Combined Heat and Power Plant, Munster Joinery, Co. Cork, Ireland

The Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) consists of a wood burning furnace, boiler and steam turbine. The process involves burning the wood chips and saw dust to produce a high temperature exhaust, which in turn is passed through the waste heat boiler to produce steam. The installation consists of 1no 12.0MW (15t/ hr) boiler, 1no 3.0 [...]