The Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) consists of a wood burning furnace, boiler and steam turbine. The process involves burning the wood chips and saw dust to produce a high temperature exhaust, which in turn is passed through the waste heat boiler to produce steam. The installation consists of 1no 12.0MW (15t/ hr) boiler, 1no 3.0 MW steam turbine and was constructed over 2 phases.

Phase I – 12,0MW boiler, operating in hot water mode and associated heating system.
Phase II – Retrofitting of the boiler to operate in steam mode and installation of a 3.0MW steam turbine electrical generator and ancillary systems.


The steam has two purposes;
1. Heating for timber drying and space heating.
2. Electrical Generation.

The new CHP Utilities Building consists of the following: A 27m long x 19m high x 9m wide Boiler House to house the Boiler and ancillary mechanical plant. The building is constructed from a structural steel portal framework with external walls of insulated twin skined steel panels.

Project Profile:
The Integration of the CHP consisted of the installation of switchgear, a SCADA system and a medium voltage 38kV looped connection.