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Energy and Utilities

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Energy and Utilities

A Fail Safe Solution For Guinness Park Royal

In October 2001, Guinness UDV (UK) replaced the oil-fired power station at Park Royal, London with two new dual-fuel steam boilers. Fingleton White were selected as Design and Project Managers for the project. The existing Guinness power station consisted of 4 no. boilers, fired on either Gas Oil or Recovered (waste) Oil. The boilers were converted coal-fired boilers, [...]

Engineering for Reliability for MSD

In 2011, Fingleton White was appointed by Mercke, Sharp & Dohme as the designer and project manager for an efficiency and reliability upgrade as well as the amalgamation of two boilerhouses into one at its Swords Co. Dublin manufacturing facility. The project involved the installation of a dualfuel NUWAY modulating burner on each of the three 5 [...]

Standby power for the Grangecastle Manufacturing facility

The project comprised a Turnkey Installation of 3 No. 2500kVA Standby Diesel Genesis with 3 No. 20kV/430V transformers with Grid interfacing Protection G10 panel and complete integration into the site Electrical Control System. The scope of work included selection of main equipment, design and installation of civil and mechanical features including the installation of an equal potential [...]