In 2011, Fingleton White was appointed by Mercke, Sharp & Dohme as the designer and project manager for an efficiency and reliability upgrade as well as the amalgamation of two boilerhouses into one at its Swords Co. Dublin manufacturing facility.

The project involved the installation of a dualfuel NUWAY modulating burner on each of the three 5 t/hr boilers. The scope also included the installation of related control equipment and ancillaries as well as energy management metering and integration of the boiler controls and monitoring with the plant BMS.

We applied our unique boilerhouse control system philosophy of “Engineering for reliability”- an approach originated to address shortcomings in the performance of commercially available package boiler controls.

This boilerhouse upgrade has resulted in continuous reliable operation of the boilers since commissioning and the uninterrupted delivery of steam to the MSD manufacturing facility. The design, procurement and all of the site construction work was completed on time and within the agreed budget with no disruption to the manufacturing operations.

Fingleton White eliminate the components that cause the largest amount of failures:

Burner gas pressure switches replaced by high quality pressure transmitters.Water level control valves replaced by Variable Speed Drive feed water pump controls. Replacement of pilot operated solenoid type gas valves with air actuated reliable valve actuators. Electronic controls that would lock out on micro-interruption replaced by “ride-through”