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Case Studies

Water & Gas Main Design at Center Parcs, Longford by Fingleton White

Fingleton White were appointed as the Water and Services design consultants for the latest Center Parcs holiday village in Longford, Ireland which required the conversion of a forestry plantation into the €233 million Longford Forest resort. With over 500 housing units as well as numerous other facilities over 395 acres, Longford Forest’s Gas and Water requirements are [...]

Hydroelectric Power Station in Co. Donegal, Ireland

Edergole Hydroelectric Power Station in Co. Donegal was developed by Fingleton White. Utilising a Vertical Pelton Wheel turbine with a gross head of 188m, this 650kW generator has been feeding electricity into the Irish electricity grid since 1990. This project is a “high head” project. The gross head is 188m. The intake incorporates a self cleaning trash [...]

The Galway Oil Terminal Includes 4 No. Main Storage Tanks of 45,000t Total Capacity, 5 No. Day Tanks of 5,000t Capacity, 2 No. Vapour Recovery Units and 6 No. Bottom Loading Gantries

Fingleton White were appointed as the Design Engineer for the Topaz oil terminal at Galway Enterprise Park. The scope of the project included conceptual design and preliminary layout of the facility. This included selection of, size and number of main tanks / day tank and the number of loading quantities. Fingleton White designed the layout of the [...]

Curraleigh West to Midleton Pipeline Co. Tipperary & Co. Cork

The Curraleigh West to Midleton Gas Pipeline is a 600mmdiameter, fully welded steel pipeline which runs approximately 47km cross country from Curraleigh West AGI on the existing Cork-Dublin Pipeline to Midleton Compressor Station on th outskirts of Midleton Co. Cork. The pipeline is required in order to reinforce and secure the supply of natural gas in the [...]

Guaranteed cost savings with on-site steam & electricity delivery.

The CHP plant is housed in a purpose built building adjacent to the existing boiler house on site. The facility consists of one 5MW CENTRAX KB7 gas turbine generating set along with one 28 tonnes/hr supplementary fired waste heat boiler operating at 13 Bar. The system is designed to operate on natural gas fuel. The CHP facility supplies [...]

Gormanston Gas Interconnector Station

Murphy International Ltd in conjunction with Fingleton White & Co. Ltd., were awarded the Engineer / Procure / Construct (EPC) Contract for the Interconnector Receiving Station at Gormanston, Co. Meath. The station included filtering, metering, heating, regulation and pigging facilities complete with control and instrumenta- tion systems. To facilitate these requirements there were 4 no. buildings within [...]