Murphy International Ltd in conjunction with Fingleton White & Co. Ltd., were awarded the Engineer / Procure / Construct (EPC) Contract for the Interconnector Receiving Station at Gormanston, Co. Meath.

The station included filtering, metering, heating, regulation and pigging facilities complete with control and instrumenta- tion systems. To facilitate these requirements there were 4 no. buildings within the station boundary limits. The station inlet is designed to receive gas at 148 bar (2146.5psi), with the outlet designed for gas at 70 bar (1015psi). The station’s throughput has been designed for of 1.6 million standard cubic meters per hour (15,000MW).

The facility, once operational, will be occupied initially on a daily basis, and will be visited periodically by BGE staff thereafter.

The project forms part of BGE’s “Gas 2025” project to rein-force the natural gas network in Ireland. The project in general was constructed in accordance with the Local Authorities Recommendations and Conditions with the aim of providing a proper development and compliance with visual amenity within the locality.