Edergole Hydroelectric Power Station in Co. Donegal was developed by Fingleton White. Utilising a Vertical Pelton Wheel turbine with a gross head of 188m, this 650kW generator has been feeding electricity into the Irish electricity grid since 1990.

This project is a “high head” project. The gross head is 188m. The intake incorporates a self cleaning trash rack and stone trap. The pipeline is approx. 1300m long x 500mm diameter.

The pipeline has 3 sections:

• HDPE up to 6 bar.
• Ductile iron for straight high pressure sections.
• Steel pipe for high pressure sections with bends (horizontal and vertical).

The water from Lough Belshade (a 15 hectare lake)  approx. 3km upstream from the intake is operated by an automatic control valve which operates to ensure full power during day hours and reduced power at other times (dependent on availability of water).
An innovative radio controlled valve at the lake outlet allows the flow to be modulated to maximise daytime generation and overall profitability.

Project Profile:
Design, Build, Own & Operate 650kW Hydroelectric Power Station.

Fingleton White is Irelands premier Hydro Electricity engineering consultant and we have been involved in the development of 15 hydro schemes in Ireland and abroad.