Fingleton White were appointed as the Water and Services design consultants for the latest Center Parcs holiday village in Longford, Ireland which required the conversion of a forestry plantation into the €233 million Longford Forest resort.

With over 500 housing units as well as numerous other facilities over 395 acres, Longford Forest’s Gas and Water requirements are equivalent to those of a small town.

After a 2 year construction process, the Center Parcs resort opened on schedule and within budget. Anchored by a 3,500 m2  waterpark, this facility is the largest of its kind in Ireland.

Fingleton White modelled and designed a comprehensive delivery network optimising the resort’s Water and Gas supply.

The Water network provides a high quality supply sitewide and can double as a firewater supply network in the event of an emergency.

Longford Forest’s Gas services and mains run through areas of peat at various locations throughout the site. Fingleton White designed the service trench to avoid movement of the Gas pipes due to buoyancy when in service.