In early 2002 Fingleton White and McAdam Design set up a formal JV Partnership Agreement as a special purpose vehicle to complete the consultancy services on the North-West Pipeline for Bord Gáis Éireann.

Following the first successful year in operation on this project and having also tendered on other utility projects both in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, FingletonMcAdam decided to form a fully integrated JV company.
Typical projects are carried out from conception through design, construction and operation stages.
In all the projects, Fingleton White and McAdam Design have been responsible for budget and programme preparation and subsequent completion of the job as set out. Through close co-ordination of management, engineering and procurement all of the projects mentioned have been completed within the set budgets and programmes.

FingletonMcAdam believe that this is a real benefit to the client and other clients in that:-

  • It shows a commitment to the long-term future of FingletonMcAdam.
  • It provides a fully integrated JV company.
  • It leads to real benefits in terms of team-working.
  • It helps further development loyalty with JV employees.

It benefits from and helps develop the best of both JV companies. It is this ability to accurately predict cost, control expenditure and complete projects as per predetermined programmes that has made Fingleton White (FingletonMcAdam) one of the leading engineering consultancies in our field.