Here is our new compressed natural gas vehicle. Compressed natural gas, known as CNG is a good fit for companies looking to reduce Carbon Emissions associated with transport and simultaneously reduce their fuel bills, particularly for heavy goods vehicles that are returning to a depot where they can be refuelled, pending the development of a CNG refuelling network, which is currently planned. Carbon emissions associated with CNG are 22% lower compared to diesel and savings on fuel costs can be up to 35%. NOx emissions are 70% less, while particulate matter emissions are 99% less and sulphur dioxide emissions are down by 80%.

The technology is already proven with over 19 million vehicles in use worldwide and strong growth in Europe. Further uptake of the technology will lead to a very significant improvement in air quality for everyone and contribute to achieving our targets for the reduction of Green House Gas emissions in the transport sector. To encourage the uptake, the Irish Government have confirmed that a set excise duty will be applied to CNG for 8 years.