The Lockerley to Marchwood Pipeline is a 600mm diameter, fully welded steel pipeline which runs approximately 22km cross country and roads supplying Marchwood Power Station in Southhampton. The pipeline is designed to transmit 230,000 Standard Cubic Meters of Natural Gas per hour (2,330 MW) at a maximum pressure of 75bar.

The pipeline design includes an off-take station and hot-tap from the NTS to pressure reduction facility in the grounds of the Marchwood Power Station.

Fingleton White/BPA were commissioned by ESBI to act as Client Representive for the design and construction of the pipeline. The scope of works includes review and advice on routing and feasibility studies for the pipeline, liaison with all relevant statutory and public bodies, Environmental Statement, safety studies, material procurement, tender appraisal, appointment of a construction contractor and supervision of construction, testing and commissioning.