Fingleton White were appointed by Irish Shell as the Engineer and Project Manager for the installation of vapour recovery units at their Dublin, Cork and Galway terminals. This included the design, material procurement, planning, construction supervision and commissioning of all sites.

The vapour recovery units were installed as per SI No. 374 of 1997. The Vapour Recovery Units selected were manufactured by Symex SA of France, and are capable of reducing the mean concentration of vapours to below 35mg/m3.

In conjunction with the installation of the vapour recovery units, 2 No. bottom loading gantries for the loading of gasoline were installed.

A complete terminal automation system was installed in Irish Shell Galway to integrate the VRU, top and bottom loading gantries, stock control, docket printing and PLC control of loading pumps.

Installations are designed and constructed according to SI 313 of 1979 (Petroleum Bulk Stores) and SI 476 of 2000 (COMAH). Fingleton White apply industry standards and specifications such as the Institute of Petroleum model code of safe practice and ETCI National rules for Electrical Installations in potentially explosive atmospheres as well as current regulations and guidelines.